My OC Skadi, a snow owl in her human form. She is Astaroth’s faithful companion.

This motive will be available as printed bookmark soon.
Astaroth and other characters will follow too and will be together some kind of complete card set.

I think i never posted this series here… Just long time ago i showed you some sketches of the idea.
The lines are older (but gold(er)), i love them. The series isn’t finished yet but i will try to bring it to an end one day.

the GazettE - Beast in Kimono series.
Uruha - Guren
Ruki - Hyena
Reita - Headache Man

Currently i’m practicing male anatomy… haaaa… it’s not easy, cos i’m not concentrating well wheil i’m drawing (i have to practice more for calneder project! >0< …)

But i tried and yepp…
So… say ‘hello’ to Subaru from Royz - i just love his current hairstyle and… i love swords and ancient japanese clothings and… haaaaa~ ( ´͈ ૢᐜ `͈ૢ)・*♡

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